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If you have a missing tooth in Halifax and would like to substitute it, a dental implant restoration may be appropriate for you. Implant restoration involves placing a titanium fixture into the jawbone in place of the missing tooth’s root. An artificial tooth (dental crown) is placed over the metal fixture to fill the gap in your mouth. Compared to conventional dentures and dental bridges, implants have superior stability for the substitute tooth because they are partially fused with your jawbone’s tissues.

To ensure that the implant is properly fused with your bone tissue, you will have to undergo multiple procedures. This includes:
  • Planning where to place the implant
  • Creating an incision in the oral tissue for the implant
  • Placing the implant into the bone tissue
  • Allowing the tissue to heal
  • Creating an opening for the implant to attach to the crown when the tissue has fully healed

As a result, the entire process can take a few months to properly place an implant. However, once the implant is fused with your tissues, it should not shift, become loose, or move around. These issues can occur with dentures and dental bridges. In addition, because an implant is constructed with resilient metals, it won’t break down in your mouth and can last a lifetime with proper care.

An additional benefit of dental implants is that they strengthen adjacent teeth and bone tissue when compared to leaving the space. When a tooth falls out, the gap that it leaves behind places additional stress on the neighbouring teeth. As a result, they can become weaker and lead to shifting and loosening of the teeth. An implant helps keep neighbouring teeth in place and provides additional support when chewing or speaking.

Also, an implant helps support your overall facial structure since it is placed directly into your jawbone tissue. Bone demineralization is one of the consequences of missing teeth which can lead to the appearance of a smaller or shrunken jaw. However, an implant helps to prevent this since it substitutes the root of the missing tooth.

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